Only one step left

6 March 2019 | Michał

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We recently had a very promising meeting that will perhaps allow for starting the construction faster than we thought… We met Mr. Wojciech who runs a construction company. Our initiative touched his heart. Below a description of our arrangements.


In December, we sent an e-mail to all our supporters with information on the current needs related to the construction. It provided an update of the current situation in general. We received a response from Mr. Wojciech who took interest in the matter. We decided to meet and discuss everything in person.

The meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere. It turned out that Mr. Wojciech owns a construction company and would like to help with our project. He offered support in various aspects, from financial assistance to… that’s right!

The cost estimate of groundworks and foundations, i.e. the next two stages of the construction, is approximately 997,000 PLN. Mr. Wojtek offered to implement the stages for a much lower price. He also promised that if we collect 500,000 PLN, we will commence the works, including the preparation of the foundations, using his own equipment.

Due to the generosity of our beloved Sponsors, we already have:

361,000 PLN on our account. We are missing 139,000 PLN to start the construction. It is really not not much…

We are counting on your support. It would be wonderful to begin the construction before the summer holidays. It is time for something to start happening on the plot where the Hospice Home is planned…

Thank you in advance for your every gesture!

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