We have a name for the Hospice Home!

6 March 2019 | Michał

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We have been recently intensively thinking about the name for the Hospice Home planned to be constructed in Zaleszany. We decided the name should be simple, warm, and reflect the mission of the Foundation. We named it ANGELS’ HOME!

Why angels? Our patients will be mainly terminally ill children. When you talk to kids like that, and spend time with them, you have an impression of them being absolutely pure. Talking to them you feel like their heart is destined for Heaven.

We have been lately submitting a lot of applications everywhere we can. We ask for support from companies, different institutions, but also from individual persons from whom we have received the most so far. Some people also volunteer to raise funds during the upcoming Procession of the Three Kings. The volunteers will receive moneyboxes, badges, and all other needed accessories. It is not a problem for us, because we currently already have a public fundraiser declared at the Ministry. Should you be interested, call us or send an email:
534 007 006, kontakt@sellmark.com.pl

Construction schedule

I order to file some applications, we had to prepare a schedule of the awaiting works. We decided to share it with you. The brief version of the schedule in the optimistic variant is as follows:

02.2019 – clearing land for the construction of the Hospice Home
03.2019 – beginning of the construction, levelling and digging canals for foundations
04-06.2019 – building the foundations for the construction of the Hospice Home
06.2019-05.2022 – beginning and continuation of the construction of the Hospice Home
06.2022 – commissioning of the Children’s Hospice Home

We often get asked why we decided to build the Home. The answer is very simple. The construction of the building will allow the terminally ill to be taken care of closer to their place of residence. The majority of ill residents living at the boundary of three voivodeships: Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, and Lubelskie currently have to travel 100 km one way. Places like this are scarce in the region. The project was justified in the letter received from the Ministry of Health from October 2018.

Present for the 5th Birthday of the Foundation

In November we celebrated the fifth Birthday of Foundation Z Serca Dla Serca. It involved a lot of memories, hugs, and satisfaction with our accomplishments so far. We are aware, however, that even more work still needs to be done.

It would be wonderful if every person reading this offered a small gift to the future patients of the Foundation through a little donation for the construction. We will be very grateful and will never forget the support of good people.

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